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[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] with a Nike basketball shoes, products sold abroad using a dual air, into the country not only into a single air cushion, the price is 500 yuan higher than abroad. Recently, the Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau of the Nike fined 4.87 million yuan. Nike NIKE ZOOM HYPERDUNK 2011, this high-end basketball shoes, one of the main selling points is the heel and forefoot double air cushion, at the same publicity, but Chinese consumers with higher prices to buy only one air cushion The product. Nike said in a statement, which shoes in the listing in July 2011 was wrong with the front foot and back foot are built into ZOOM AIR promotional materials, and promised to refund the purchase price. 487 million will a lot, known as the business sector first ticket for the enterprise "double standards" out of. However, a legal source said, with the double standards of international brand events previously occurred are not identical, Nike this incident, as well as suspected false propaganda, related to the "Advertising Law", if Nike products in China Advertising is only one cushion, it may not be punished. Still, this incident was sparked discussions on international consumer brand of double standards. First, daily necessities, electronic products, food industry to the automotive sector, Johnson & Johnson product recall, recall famous notebook, Apple refund the difference, Toyota automobile compensation issue, there is a double standard at home and abroad over the issue. As an ordinary consumer goods abroad only Haagen-Dazs ice cream, but dressed in China "luxury" coat, the price three times higher than in Britain and other countries, products are also serious Quejinshaoliang, has also been questioned the double standards at home and abroad. In foreign neatly foreign brands, why the Chinese would dare to "play trick" on the one hand is not enough to win over the local brand of foreign brands in the fierce competition in the market;? The other is the consumer, "Worship "psychological, fueling foreign brands of Chinese consumers bad attitude. Secondly, in the pursuit of profits, these brands in the localization process of holding some of the most chances. Li told reporters from marketing experts said the reason for many inter cheap air jordans national brands to engage in double standards, double standards is a major cause can increase their profits, and this behavior, the current situation is not contrary to the law, only an edge ball. Third, from their own point of view, Chinese law is not perfect, there are some blank areas, so that these foreign brands, even illegal, illegal cost is very low. Above the legal profession is that the law must be in line with international standards on the stringency of regulatory authorities as well as "equal justice" for any brand, regardless of internal and external supervision equally, not because of the brand of "soil" or "foreign" treated differently, even international big, nor enjoy "super-national treatment" in order not to engage in multinational companies can take advantage of a double standard with the machine. "Of course, as an international big-name, execution standard itself, but also should be higher than the law." Li said since. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News) went to the weekend leisure time, we in more than a week of work, appropriate to relax the mood, Xiaobian is give you sneakers bring this week's fresh small welfare -- shoes girl. Wish you and enjoy the cheerful graphs. /〉 attention more sneakers related information, as in the slam dunk, welcomed the public subscription number, micro channel search DUNKHOME and subscribe to the surprise and daily guess shoes to play the game, beauty and your various interactive Oh! Micro-blog search dunk home, understand the latest information. /〉〈/brHow to deal with the fierce market competition, how to create the core competitiveness of enterprises, how to achieve sustainable development?...... At present, the footwear industry in Wenling has fallen into a predicament of development, and the industry is full of confusion. Some people even begin to doubt how far the road of Wenling shoe industry can go. In the early days of the president of Wenling shoe industry association held an enlarged meeting, a leader of Wenling city to talk about their views on some of the footwear industry in Wenling, especially when it comes to how to develop the situation of Wenling shoe industry judgment and research, the next step to the sustainable developm jordan 3 katrina 2018 ent of the footwear industry in Wenling "two points and the Wenling footwear industry is still not the sunset is Wenling's pillar industry that let the members are encouraged, but also provides a new perspective for the shoe-making enterprises in Wenling. discuss 1: how to judge and study the development situation of Wenling shoes industry. export growth slowed down; growth is still on the rise. Analysis of the relevant data in recent years, growth in 2002 than 2001 years shoes export rate of more than 90% growth in 2003, despite a slight decline but also as high as 85.53% in 2004 than in 2002, growth of 33.64% in 2003, in 2005 more than 29.11% growth in 2004. Growth slowed in 2006, but growth continued. from the development of the footwear industry situation analysis, the industry as a result of different seasons performance is different, and different enterprises are not the same performance. the current shoe-making industry in Wenling, the market competition is fierce everywhere, also inevitable, if the enterprise does not change, not seek innovation, especially the traditional type of enterprise can not participate in the competition. At present, more reflected in the industry is difficult to hire, and even the original foreign workers are now in the Wenling factory of the phenomenon, further aggravated the loss of staff, also shows that from this point still has the potential for the development of the footwear industry in Wenling. although the pace of development of the footwear industry is not very fast, but the pillar position of the footwear industry is still unchanged, or the largest export industry. Wenling footwear industry, despite the industry risks and development pressures, the adjustment structure is still the direction. First of all, to further adjust the structure of exports, and secondly, adjust the structure of products. In the past, Wenling mainly used injection molding shoes, and now the proportion of cold sticky shoes, tourist shoes, women's shoes and shoes for labor protection increased steadily. discuss two: how to maintain sustainable development of Wenling footwear industry?. 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After a mixture of bold and dazzling color schemes, the two sides released a special series, showing a bold mix and play style. Including LX8500, InstaPump Fury and InstaPump Fury Sandal three design, not only with the beautiful color and unique style to express, one of the InstaPump Fury Sandal is a new and improved design, this innovative Fingerless sandals showing a vibrant and unique style. The series will be available on sale at Catalog stores in March 15th. adidas Consortium continues their ??Day One?? offerings, but this time they??ll be releasing two colorways of the adidas Crazy Explosive basketball model. Advertisment For these adidas Crazy Explosive releases the silhouette receives a bit of a luxe makeover thanks to the suede upgrades. One pair comes dressed in Black with White branding, and the other is done in a reverse color scheme. Look for the both colorways of the adidas Consortium Crazy Explosive Day One Pack to release on Wednesday, April 12th at select adidas retailers like Packer Shoes and (37.49 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-4-28 08:56 upload 11_201004280242462Term.jpg (84.02 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-4-28 08:56 upload 1.jpg (29.5 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-8-28 08:37 upload The Nike Air Classic BW 〈br more="" photos="" below... 2.jpg (36.89 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-8-28 08〉Leather fashion PUMA JAPAN "Takumi" series of new autumn and winter 2012-10-03 00:00:00 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: Chinese shoes network] Print & nbsp; Close [Chinese shoes Network - leather fashion] "Takumi" series is a new series of PUMA JAPAN, it will be derived from the symbol of Japanese culture Carpenter unique workmanship rigorous approach presented in shoes body to "Takumi (Carpenter) "spirit into products which, showing Japan's unique workmanship and quality. And this series of shoes recently announced a new series, the series focuses on the use of animal fur. This series of shoes were used classic PUMA shoes, earth tones of suede with a variety of animal hair, strong visual impact of the more than make shoes texture is very rich, plush lining also enhance warm shoes, while one tone color make the shoes look fresh and capable, very suitable for winter with use. Related newscoming into the summer, blink time really flies, 6 months this shoe city is also very exciting we summarize the weekly prices, shoesThe quarterly data of and StockX shoes website, rank since 2017, best 15 pair of shoes, you buy what? ... Top1, KAWS x Air Jordan 4Taobao price: 9500 - fry about 11000 RMB (42) KAWS x Air Jordan with grey luminous at the end of 4, global shipments are sent $350 sale price, just speculation over 10 times. you Jordan Brand recently vice president of design David Creech, is on foot a pair of relatives all black KAWS x limited AJ 4. you ... Taobao pre price: about 5700 RMB (42 )The limit of plus the amount of fine color, white horse is definitely the best of the year yeezy, you ... Top 3 x Nike Air More Uptempo, SupremeTaobao price: 3100 - fry about 3500 RMB (42) Supreme x Nike masterpiece, the joint wonderful degree is very high, in white, black, red and white gold tone, the highest price speculation. you uses Supreme to replace the classic text of the words Air, 3M reflective material outline, ingenious design is more than good, it is good. you ... Top 4, COMME des GARONS x NikeLab VaporMaxTaobao price: fry about 8000 RMB (42.5) The first launch of Nike VaporMax, is the same CDG joint, All kinds of color is different from the joint version of the Slip-On design has no shoes, is a pretty good-looking, but difficult to start a high. you ... Top 5, Air Jordan 1 OG RoyalTaobao price: 22〉 fryThis is the Nike Flyknit Racer was born in 5th anniversary, as the oldest woven shoes, Nike Flyknit Racer this year also prepared a big wave of new color and new design, you do not know of the woven shoes feel? The network exposure of a new Nike Flyknit Racer design, the body of the shoe with a refreshing white covered Flyknit with grey Swoosh toe uppers, large coverage, has unique and stunning visual experience. doesn't have any information about its offering yet, and it's believed that Flyknit Racer will bring us more surprises at this 5th anniversary. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience!After the last exposure from Nike Lil'Penny Posite, we have to bring this HD display and on foot to shoot, but now is still not officially on sale in our waiting at the same time, Nike also constantly enrich its color in order to launch time for you to choose. This time once again to create a new color, choose the shoe body with white collocation metallic silver, with the ankle and lined with black, red lining and crystal soles, shoe body with silver reflective effect. It is reported that this area has been in South Korea to the shelves, let us continue to look forward to. 1394325553665.jpg (76.08 KB, download number: 4) download 2014-3-9 09:31 upload on the afternoon of 3, the economic analysis meeting of Quanzhou foreign economic and trade system in the first half of 2007 was presided over by the Municipal Bureau of foreign affairs. In the past six months, the export of Quanzhou has been seriously affected by many factors, such as the appreciation of the RMB, the adjustment of the export tax rebate and the escalation of trade frictions. How to get out of this predicament naturally becomes the focus of the meeting. new price war; at the meeting, the city bureau announced a latest statistics: from the average price of the first half of this year, footwear export prices increased by about 15%, textile clothing increased by about 12%, an increase of about 9% plastic bags, an increase of about 7%, about 6% stone. in the past, in order to compete for orders, the enterprise is to lower quotations; now, the matter is completely reversed, the enterprise is able to quote how high the price will be reported on how high the price. Will the emergence of this new price war lead to a major decline in the export scale of our city? Facts have proved that, what kind of a commodity export prices, which a commodity export scale but fast. statistics show that the steady increase in the export price of 1-5 months at the same time, Quanzhou footwear exports $270 million, an increase of 17%; textile and garment exports $460 million, an increase of 31%; luggage exports $120 million, an increase of 20%; plastic products export $150 million, an increase of 16%; stone products $120 million, an increase of 0.7%. to achieve an increase of 16% although saw new hope for the new price war, but the 3 day of the conference is to maintain a sober: change the macro environment, especially the tax rebate policy adjustment, export growth will fall to achieve the city's annual export may, scheduled 16% growth target, will encounter difficult. "it's almost impossible to complete a $537 million export mission this year; even the most optimistic estimates can only be between $480 million and $500 million.". Expected annual exports will shrink by 30%, export growth slowed down, failed to complete the timing schedule, the county's annual plan to complete the task more difficult." At the meeting, the heads of the Bureau of foreign trade and economic cooperation of some counties (cities, districts) told the truth and reported the problems and difficulties encountered in the current foreign trade and economic cooperation respectively. obviously, how do you go?)