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Bratislava is the only capital in the world located right on the borders of two other

states: Austria and Hungary. Vienna, the most alluring city in Europe, is located

only 65 km from Bratislava. It is not by chance that Vienna is regarded as one

of the most enchanting cities in Europe – a city of splendid palaces, monumental

but noble squares, picturesque streets and numerous little parks. It bewitches

its visitors by a unique, charming and friendly atmosphere. Vienna is an old city

with a sound name that arouses all your desires. The capital city of Danube’ is

a blend of antiquity and modernity, high art and kitsch. A day in this

magnificent city will always be something special, regardless of whether you

make your visit in summer, or in winter, during the daylight or at night-time.

Our travel agency will help you to familiarise yourself with the city’s beauty –

its history, museums, galleries, famous cafes, its significance in the history

of music, its night life, and much more.



You can get to Vienna from Bratislava in 75 minutes by bus and in 1 hour by train. Or, you can opt for

the Twin City Liner and you can make it in 1.5 hour. 



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