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Pressburg Train


If you ever visit Bratislava on a rainy day, a hot summer day, or, if you are

tired or simply do not have time and you still wish to see the Old Town,

the antique train Prešporáčik (Little Pressburger) can help you.

Prešporáčik travels through the town at a speed of 5 km/h and enables you

to see most of the historical sights in the town. You may also take pictures,

or record videos. If you choose to take its counterpart, Prešporáčik XL,

you will also see the Bratislava Castle, which sits on a rock above the city

and represents a dominant feature of the city.

The tour by the Prešporáčik vintage train takes about 50 minutes and the price

depends on the number of persons on board.

The tour by Prešporáčik XL takes 1 hour and the price depends on the number

of persons on board.


All tours feature a tape-recorded guide played in several language versions. 


Individuals: Please, call Mrs. Miriam +421 903 302 817



- Pedestrian zone
- Old Town - 30 min.

- Old Town - 1 hour

1. The House at the good Shepherd
2. St. Clare’s Church
3. St. Martin's Cathedral
4. The New Bridge
5. Franciscan Church
6. Old Town Hall - Hlavné námestie - the Main Square
7. The Primate's Palace
8. The Slovak National Theatre
9. Slovak Philharmonic
10. Port – SNM




- Pedestrian zone
- Bratislava, up to the castle

1. Castle
2. The House at the good Shepherd
3. St. Clare’s Church
4. St. Martin's Cathedral
5. The New Bridge
6. St. Michael's Gate
7. Calvinist Church
8. Franciscan Church
9. Old Town Hall - Hlavné námestie - the Main Square
10. The Primate's Palace
11. The Slovak National Theatre
12. Slovak Philharmonic
13. Port – SNM
14. Presidential Palace
15. Government Palace
16. The Slovak Radio Station
17. Blumental Church

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