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Excursions in Bratislava and surroudings

The charming Bratislava

During this walking excursion You will discover the glamour of the Old Town:
Primatial (Archbishop in the past) Palace, Michael's Gate, Francisian Church, building
of Hungary Royal Chamber in the past, Academia Istropolitana historical building, St.
Martin's Cathedral, Main Square, Old Town Hall, Slovak National Theatre and Reduta.

Time : 1,5 Hours
Price : 1 - 45 Persons - 70 EUR


Golden round trip

Variant with bus for this tour is possible. It can be ordered individually upon
request for the additional price. In this case excursion begins with the sightseeing
of the main objects in Bratislava built in 19th and 20th century: Slovak National
Theatre, Reduta, Slovak National Gallery, residence of Goverment, Presidential
Palace and also Bratislava Castle on the hill with a panorama view on Bratislava.

If You want to touch to our town's secrets, we will take You through nice squares,
streets and inside courtyards. And a hidden value can be found there by You.
Amazing baroque's or gothic's facades, churches and chapels wrap up the medieval

Duration : 2 Hours (Castle and Old Town Centre)
Price : 1 - 45 Persons - 90 EUR
(Price for a bus is not included)

Duration : 3 Hours (Sightseeing, Castle and Old Town Centre)
Price : 1 - 45 Persons - 110 EUR
(Price for a bus is not included)



Bratislava by night

The lights of this pearl upon Danube will light up for you. We will take you to the observation platform of the local suspension bridge, which constitutes one of the city's dominants and you can admire this city from the bird's eyes view. You will be certainly enchanted by the massive fortress and its water-well (shrouded in numerous legends) and you will also wonder about the awry position of the cross in the super-sized Hungarian royal crown, throning on the Saint Martin's cathedral spire. We will also take a walk along the former (but still preserved) mediaeval periphery neighbouring to city fortification-walls. We will end this evening walk through the capital in one of the typical cosy Pressburger alleys with its tiny wine-cellars and the wine tastings.

Duration : 3 Hours
Price : 110 EUR

Lift to the bridge tower - 8 EUR/person

Wine tasting - 11 EUR/person


Musical Bratislava

The tour is aimed at places connected with performances or work of famous, as well as lesser-known musicians in our city. To mention just some of them: The prodigy, piano virtuoso and composer J. N. Hummelwas born inBratislava and a museum is dedicated to him. The visits of his teachers W. A. Mozart, J. Haydnand his friendL. van Beethoven are remembered. Not to forget also F. Liszt, the piano virtuoso and "musical patron von Bratislava", his friend the one-handed pianist G. Zichy, his son-in-law H. von Bülow and his rival A. G. Rubinstein. F. Schmidt and E. Dohnányi were born here and also their schoolmates at the Grammar School B. Bartók andA. Albrecht – the last conductor of the Church Music Society at St. Martin’s Cathedral – worked here.

2 hrs. with visit of the Johann Nepomuk Hummel Museum (upon request)

Duration : 2 Hours
Price : 90 EUR
(Price for entry tickets is not included)


Castles of Bratislava

Bus for this tour is required. It can be ordered individually upon request for the additional price. Visit of a town district situated at the foot of the Small Carpathian Mountains - hiding flora and fauna of extraordinary beauty.

The visit of the Devin Castle - a monument of Slovak history, followed by the visit to the Castle of Bratislava and a stroll through the alleys of the Old Town, will convince you of the uniqueness of our town.

Duration : 5 Hours
Price : 1 - 45 Persons - 150 EUR
(Price for a bus and for entry tickets is not included)



Gems of the Small Carpathian Mountains

Bus for this tour is required. It can be ordered individually upon request for the additional price. All-day trip to the Small Carpathian Mountains, hiding the best known wine-yards in Slovakia.

While walking through the typical wine-growing towns, to the Driny-cave or at the manufacturing plant of majolica-ceramics - you will virtually feel the colours of Slovak rural life. In the area of the castle Červený Kameň, built in the 13th century, you will get enchanted by the exhibition of historical furniture dating back to the 17th and 18th century. The biggest cellar-vaults in Central Europe as well as the unique strategic fortifications system will leave a permanent and unforgettable impression. The degustation of the most famous Slovak wines with the local vintner in a typical wine-cellar will raise your mood and keep this excursion forever in your heart.

Duration : 6 - 7 Hours including break
Price : 1 - 45 Persons - 200 EUR
(Price for a bus, for entry tickets and for a wine tasting is not included)



The Jewish Bratislava

The famous Rabbi Chatam Sofer (born as) Mosche Schreiber (1762-1839) lived and worked in Bratislava. There was a Talmud-school beneath the Bratislava Castle - in the Jewish ghetto, where he taught. Many Rabbis, the graduates this school subsequently spread the teachings of Chatam Sofer all over Europe.
The famous artist and sculptor Arthur Fleischmann (1896-1990) was also born in Bratislava. In the course of his artistic career, he lived in 6 countries on as much as 4 continents. After Fleischmann's death, his widow established a small museum in his birth-house - showing his excellent works.

On the tour you will see the following: Chatam Sofer's grave, the Jewish Street beneath Bratislava Castle incl. visit to the museum (upon request), the old city Arthur Fleischmann

Tour duration: 3 hours.
Price: 110 EUR

The price does not include entry tickets

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