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Nike Blazer Low's launch of 2011 New Spring and summer the gray / black color, in addition to the fresh color more eye-catching, see the ingenuity of the material collocation, respectively, and presents the mesh fabric of artificial leather and use two tone shoes, the shoe body appears out of the ordinary texture. The perforated Swoosh not only makes the shoes breathable, but also has a high tide. This section is now available in Woei online shop, like friends can pay attention to. because the nickname "Megatron" because of the personal mark Calvin Johnson looks quite a Transformers style, but also personal shoes so full of mechanical sense. The pair of CJ81 Trainer Max is a commercially available sample of shoes with white silver and Retro jordans for sale details of blue and fluorescent colorsin recent years, the ancient style of the wind blowing, it seems that we all have a deeper level of nostalgia for the retro. Before playing with the camera film is retro; wearing a dress is retro; with a pipe smoking is retro; now, step on the bicycle can also be very retro. However, restoring ancient ways to choose the type of bicycle. If you are a retro control, Lug (copper sleeve) bicycle type properly for you. popular science: what is Lug? Lug, Chinese translation: copper sleeve. In simple terms, the metal parts are used to connect each tube of a bicycle. The traditional process is the use of copper (brazing). This process was born because of the failure to solve the strength of the direct welding b Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale etween the bicycle pipe, so it used the casing pipe welding. But because of this, before the birth of the brazing casing series has very popular frame. (specific professional knowledge, please Baidu or Google) Lug welding, like the works of art in Europe. Highlight the details and culture of a specific, like warrior wearing armor, the royal family confirmed. Each Lug frame, is telling a paragraph of its history, especially the hand made of the shelf. If you are interested in the frame of Lug, there are a number of relatively high price of the frame can let you play a. But to say that the current pipeline on the best place Lug process, or Taiwan! Other hand made the best of several places, is Japan, the United States, Italy, spain.Reebok Cla air jordan 11 space jam for sale ssic teamed up with Kendrick Lamar to release "red and blue" inspiration series, and finally 2016-11-15 12:58:51 Reebok Classic continues to join hands with Kendrick Lamar, the rap star who has recorded multiple platinum albums, to release the much anticipated final masterpiece of the red and blue inspired series. has won several music awards this year and released a highly acclaimed new album, Kendrick Lamar brings the latest Classic Leather joint fund. This pair of shoes are enduring a unique interpretation: the olive green top leather uppers specially, symbolizing the spread of discourse in Compton "mixed red and blue green", namely the party and create more coagulation activity; about the shoe respectively is stamped with the "red" jordans on sale mens and "blue" represents the status quo is not between gangs, and further convey Kendrick Lamar call the gang stop disputes message; and the rubber sole and vamp to form an interesting contrast, and more classical meaning together with the tongue retro brand logo for shoes. the design of the shoes as always showed the heart of Compton Kendrick Lamar strong belief. The idea of making street gangs keep him awake, and he has been pouring momentum into him, inspiring him to create more differences for modern culture. On this basis, he is the best interpreter of the spirit of Reebok Classic brand. Reebok Classic x Kendrick Lamar classic Leather will be on sale at designated stores in November 25th. Please pay close attention to Reebok officia jordan 3 katrina 2018 l WeChat micro-blog for specific information. New Balance MT580 2014-02-24 20:58:18 exhibition of joint works over the years New Balance MT580 tour exhibition of joint works over the years. Japan's old shoe store Mita Sneakers, street clothing brand realMad HECTIC and new balance three joint 19 MT580 on the scene (pictured in 2001 sale of MT580TR)nickname, is not always so domineering exposed, but some are easy to pronounce, meaning meaningful. Used to play for the Seattle SuperSonics in the camp, originally known as "the ruler (reign man" enough ambition, but not red, later because "Rain Rain Man" homophonic, through the film leaves Rain Man, drag the light, and combined with the Seattle love rain, but red. This beautiful mistake, It jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black is often seen. in the history of the NBA. When a "potato" Weber Carlsbad Webber, when an Fenni Hardaway becomes a Penny Hardaway, their trajectories are changed. A good nickname is a successful 49% it may never be controlled by the stock, but you do not underestimate its power at any time. 5, magician (Magic) Elvin · Johnson the last time I heard Elvin · what was the name of Johnson? Haven't so call him, he attended all activities, television given subtitles are invariably will write a "Magic Johnson" (Magic Johnson), not his real name. His name, style and nickname already Trinity, that China and the United States unique pass, the proud strutted chic, indeed, such as magic is mesmerizing. 4, goat (Goat) Earl · Manny gul jordans on sale online t "goat" the name does not come from the NBA, because his master Manny Gul Te never tennis a try too, but this does not prevent "the goat" becomes the legend one of the names of the American basketball. The legend has it that can touch to rebounds along the genius streetball players have a horrible body quality, because his name (Manigault), the latter half of pronunciation and goats (goat) Po Weixiang seems to be, so this is not how the mighty nickname. But the day when Jabbar retired, had seriously told everyone: goat, is the greatest player I have ever seen in this life." GOAT, these four letters are precisely the history of the greatest (Of AlT ime Greatest) abbreviation. 3 (Pistol, Pete) · pistol Pete Maravich; Maravich is in cheap air jordans NCAA history the greatest scorer, he in Louisiana used three years to create the NCAA record score, read all the full four years of players not to break the -- of course, this with his father then served as coach of the team have a certain relationship. After he entered the NBA, the stunning gorgeous style is attracted countless people of all ages. It is said that because before he shot a pilot ball movement is like a cowboy gun and because he almost gun fatal, "pistol" the nickname firmly with Pete Maravich. And Maaravich himself even put it in the back of the Jersey, as their own name use. 〉 2012-2-15 15:11 upload and download the attachment (118.7 KB) to Lebron · James birthday, Miami artist NikeBasketball Freegums and l buy cheap jordans online aunched a new color Nike LeBron 9. In the white and black base color, the Freegums style painting reflects Lebron, ·, James, and some scenes of his game. The Freegums x Nike LeBron 9 will certainly become the 2012 trend color. And shoe fan leader Gourmet Kickz recently completed a group of Inside-Out versions of Nike LeBron 9, "Freegums", the pattern painted on the board, and the middle of the top also added colorful spots design. Which do you prefer, the coquettish one or the regular one? in the recovery of all things spring and the spring season, the famous shoe site SNEAKERSNSTUFF and REEBOK Sweden joint launch with flowers as the inspiration for the REEBOK QUESTION "CROCUS" new shoes suede material with golden yellow color, Purpl cheap foamposites e Suede and fender collocation outsole and white lace and a bottom in the design, SNEAKERSNSTUFF and REEBOK brand label use golden embroidery embellishment, very luxurious. New products are expected to be available in SNS on March 20th, and friends who like them will be interested.Japanese street running group AFE Tokyo with the Japanese magazine "CHAMP" started cooperation, the purpose is to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the NIKE Free series and the upcoming birth of another note series. This collection of photographs by photographer Ben Clement photographs, included the jogging process AFE Tokyo downtown area members in Tokyo's Meguro Le Point, and with a black and white image rendering, the following special edition enjoy it together. Air Jordan 1 Mid in March is about to launch a new NBA with the Lakers (yellow x purple) & piston (blue x red x white color) team, the Lakers color yellow leather shoes, put a purple swoosh and shoes, toe cap is made of white leather shoes, so as NBA lakers. In addition, the piston color is made of nylon fabric, this is Air Jordan 1 Mid less material, and if you are the two teams of Fans, these two pairs are worth the start. since the "red October" Yeezy exposure, pure red shoes become more and more attention, and at present this new color matching Nike Free Hyperfeel Run is bound to be one of them. Red Flyknit shoes and Flywire with the same color rubber outsole, summer use will become the focus of the street. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] 2014, Reebok's most iconic, most recognizable pair of legendary shoes - Instapump Fury, will celebrate its 20 birthday. Futuristic design with private custom-like technology makes it a much sought after the world really classic. On this occasion, Reebok will also be re-sold in the first year of red black and yellow version Instapump Fury birthday. Instapump Fury in 1994 was launched by Reebok, the then two skillful Technology Graphlite and Hexatile and new technology integration Instapump, as long as the toggle switch carbon dioxide out of the air stream will be produced in an instant filling shoes, perfect for foot wrap and let the shoe laces aside the shackles. 2014 ??, Reebok is the original shoe reengineering, design a new version of the first year. As part of the celebrations of the 20th anniversary, Reebok's cooperation with certification tide shop will gradually release a joint series of spring and summer 2014 will have a unique Instapump Fury 27, a pair of weekly rate, individually meet with the public. Instapump Fury OG sale will be held on January 31 at designated shops around the world Reebok, Reebok brand counters and official website. Mainland China will do pre-sale activities January 18 in DaHood Maoming Road Shanghai store, so stay tuned. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: shoes famous network & nbsp; global fashion brand network.)